Excerpt 11/extrait 11

« I do not do stuff just because it is the right thing to do.  I just have my own unique way to feel so much. Everyday, every beats of my heart are strong, honest, pure and true. I have an endless passion and devotion for what I think is worthy of being called beautiful.

I don’t pick up criterias on a premade list. I feel deeply. As I walk up in the street or just glance at someone through a glass window, if I see light into people , I think they are worthy. Regardless of their past, their flaws. I have admiration for the potential they could have if their strenght and their heart were synchronised. I am in love with the perfect imperfection of humanity.

I usually end up giving myself heart wide open, all my love, my passion, my strenght, to save people.

I therefore have no other choices than to face the fact I will have to save me first.
Because I AM a beautiful, strong, intentionnal, shining person. But right now I cant be that for another person.

Maybe once I will feel healed I might say a better goodbye »


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