Excerpt 12/Extrait 12

I’m sorry. I never asked for a nice dinner.I couldn’t care less about flowers.I wanted fireworks and sparks.Run away one night.I wanted to make one with you.Melt in the grass.Do nothing but sit in a blanket fort.Tell eachothers stories.Funny stories. And I wanted to know.

How your alcoholic dad pushed your mom into another country.

How it felt the first time you spoke french. 

How you started to get into combats.

Why did you choosing acting.

How many languages do you speak.

How long have you played guitar.

How old were you when you moved here.

How did it feel to move here alone.

How was it when your parents splitted.

Do you miss your dad.

Is it hard to have moved so young with your family.

Do your parents miss you.

Where is your sister.

Are you close to your brother.

How long have your parents been together.

Did you like having no siblings.

Wich country did you prefer.

Wich one is your favourite beatles.

Do you like the smiths as well.

Why is green your favourite color.

Why is blue your favourite color.

Why is red your favourite color.

Can you show me to roll my R.

Can you teach me russian.

Can you teach me spanish.

Can you teach me arabic.

Can you teach me gaelic.

Can you teach me korean.

Can you teach me expressions from your country.

Can you teach me irish.

Can you correct my english.

Can you teach me italian.

Can you surf.

Can you swim.

Can you dance.

Can you sing.

Why is George Harrison your favourite.

Can you teach me how to cook belgium pancakes.

Is it real food is bad in Uk.

What do you think of Paris.

Do you prefer black tea.

Do you drink coffee. 

Have you ever loved.

Are you able to.

Am I pretty.

Am I intelligent.

Will you remember me. 

It was you.

The real you.The one with a silent laugh And a noisy mind.I spoke about you.Like you were the one lightening up the moon.I could have avoid you. But I chose you. Here and there. And I would choose you all over again. And we don’t have to say goodbye forever. But we have to say goodnight. Long night. Maybe when I wake up, you will be gone. Maybe when I wake up, I will be away. Or maybe we will be two strangers again. Then you will say hello, and I will say goobye.


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