Excerpt 16/Extrait 16

Thank you.

For not loving me.

In the most beautiful

Respectful way.


No pride stabbing.

Just strength growing.


Life acceptance.

Like I am worthy.

Just not the one,

You’d move mountains with.


The heart is a muscle

It heals.

But selflove makes scars.

You’ve hurt the right part

To make me grow better

For me to see beauty

In some meaningless goodbyes


I wanted you to stay

Untill we can perfectly

Kiss like inuits

In the most grown up childish way


You jumped down your pedestal.

Smiling at me

Without hurting yourself

Showing me that it is ok

The artist didn’t miss its piece of art

It just wasn’t now.

You are not the one that should stand out

On the pedestal of love

I am. I should be the one I look at,

With unconditional acceptance.


And your golden shining honey light

Is just there to remind me.

That I am crazy.

And you are silly.

Just a different

Maybe unmatching kind of insanity.

And it is ok.

I can still be happy.

And we can still share a random coffee.




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