« I doubt that you fucked that girl. I’m quite sure SHE fucked you. »

I met this girl once.

Actually I lived with her. Back in Australia. She was one of those woman who could not care less about other people’s opinion. 

She had lived and seen. She knew how to enjoy herself and how to speak her mind. When she wanted someone to fuck off, they would fuck off. When she didnt like her steak, she would not pay for it. 

But she was not a bitch. She was always explaining herself untill people were crossing the limit. Observing her, I realised how beautiful and powerful staying calm but clear can be. I was in a full growth learning phase, you see.

When there was another beautiful girl, she would tell the girl she is pretty. She had that confidence about her, she dint need to say another girl was too thin, etc. When someone was annoying her, she would warn them.

 She was laughing a lot with me.
I was then a very not grounded 21 years old backpacker. Alone in another country. Country I loved and will always love. 

When we were going out, she was often backing me up whenever I was feeling harassed and did not know how to deal with the situation. Young man, old man , big fucking gorilla, she didnt care. No was no. Fuck off was fuck off. She showed me how to play pool and how to drink beer.  She supported me when I felt homesick. She gave me a birthday cake. She became a big sister for the time we lived together.

She had an irish accent. And was not wearing any makeup. Sometimes she was not wearing any undies under her long hippie skirt. She was very independant. She could have judge me and where I was in life.  But she never did. She was a little older. She had seen others, I guess.

I remember one time she had sex all night with someone she met at the bar. In a two streets city full of travelers, everyone knows who sleep with who. You learn to not give a damn.

Next morning we worked together at the restaurant facing the beach. The guy she had sex with,  like guys enjoy doing, proudly told someone  » mate, I fucked that girl last night. », pointing at my friend.

Someone replied with a smirk,

 « I doubt that you fucked THAT girl. I’m quite sure SHE fucked you. »

She laughed.  

That is how powerful, solidary and authentic I would like every woman to be.


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