Coffee talk.

« You remember that kind of stuff because you are much closer to your feelings. Like.. I don’t remember what you were wearing the first time we met… »

A blue dress. I was wearing a blue dress with matching silver and blue earrings. I remember you noticed that the blue on my earrings was the same than my dress while you moved my hair behind my ear. You had changed side of the table because the place was noisy. I thought, and still think, you just wanted to find a way to get closer to me. Also, When I told you green was my favourite color, you asked why was I wearing a blue dress and not a green one. I smiled. But the answer was, because it is matching my eyes.

I also had black heels. Heels I did not want to wear but my friend reminded me I could rock the feminine and ladylike style. Since, in a year, I have bought about 6 pairs of high heels shoes. And wear all of them regularly. My friend helped me pick my outfit. She also helped with my makeup. The exact morning before we met. That friend came to my apartment with a Starbucks Frappuccino for me. Then we went shopping.  She bought more things than I did, but I bought navy underwear’s. A 35 $ bra I also have in black shade now. I bought the bottom the same day. Otherwise I had no underwear to be proud of if I ever let you undress me.

 It was a very chilly day despite the fact we were already in May. I had to wear a grey coat. You wore a leather jacket that, later, you offered to me because I was still cold. Your black coat was matching my purse that you held later from the coffee shop to your car. Before we chose that place, you asked if I had troubles with a having coffee in a multinational. If I’d rather have a coffee at an independent. My nails were painted light pink. And my perfume was Daisy by Marc Jacob. It still is a year later.  I don’t remember these details because you mattered more than the others. I regularly remember those kind of details…I make these moment counts., I make people count, because being cold hearted and not give a fuck is a lot more intolerable and exhausting to me than feeling a thousand heartbreaking emotions at the same time.

Also, don’t you go and think me remembering these details will make me want to open my door if you show up at 2 am. These are the reasons I will double lock the entire place. Unless you have a coffee for me, no milk, no sugar. 


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